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2008 Lawn Show (Pictures Below)

Fraser Valley Poultry Fanciers Lawn Show 2008 - by James Cuvelier

The Annual Lawn Show was held again at the home of one of our members, Jim Ferguson. Jim is very generous to open his property up to the members of the club and to give us a park-like setting to hold our spring show, we�re very grateful to him.

The show was judged by Heather Hayes, who did an excellent job of placing our entries. It was a small show but there were some excellent birds on hand. Our thanks go to Dudley and Connie DeLeenheer and Joe Mazur who drove down from the Interior to participate in the show.

Although the weatherman had threatened rain for the day, we were lucky and didn�t feel a drop all day. Everyone had a great day of poultry chat and good food!

Thanks to everyone who helped to set up and tear the show down, prepared, cooked and sold the food, held the raffles and made sure that everyone who wanted information on the Club, the shows, or poultry in general, got what they wanted.

Birds were placed as follows:

Show Champion & Champion Land-fowl & Champion Bantam-Mottled Cochin-Pullet, Joe Mazu
Reserve Champion Bantam-Black Cochin-Pullet, Joe Mazur
Champion AOCCL-Dark Cornish-Hen, James Cuvelier
Champion Feather Legged-Mottled Cochin-Pullet, Joe Mazur
Champion Old English Game-Black Breasted Red-Cock, Dudley DeLeenheer
Champion RCCL-Silver Sebright-Cock, Dudley DeLeenheer
Champion SCCL-Welsummer-Cock, Roblyn & Byrnes
Jr. Champion Bantam-Bearded Blue Silkie-Hen, Christina Jakins

Reserve Show Champion & Reserve Champion Land-fowl & Champion Large Fowl in Show-Partridge Chantecler-Cock, Bruce Bickle
Reserve Champion Large Fowl in Show-Australorp Cockerel, Classic Farm
Champion American-Partridge Chantecler-Cock, Bruce Bickle
Champion AOSB-AOV Ameraucana-Cock, Louisa Nicholls
Champion Continental-Bearded Buff Laced Polish-Pullet, Louisa Nicholls
Champion English-Australorp-Cockerel, Classic Farm
Champion Mediterranean-SC Light Brown Leghorn-Cock, Bruce Bickle

Champion Waterfowl & Champion Duck-White Call Duck-Old Drake, Bruce Bickle
Reserve Champion Waterfowl & Reserve Champion Duck-White Indian Runner-Old Drake, Louisa Nicholls
Champion Bantam Duck-White Call Duck-Old Drake, Bruce Bickle
Champion Heavy Duck-White Muscovy-Old Duck, Bruce Bickle
Champion Light Duck-White Indian Runner-Old Duck, Louisa Nicholls

Champion Turkey-Bronze-Old Tom, Roblyn & Byrnes

Wins by Juniors:

Reserve of Variety & Reserve of Breed-Mille Fleur-Belgian Bearded d� Uccle-Hen, Virgil Hirtz
Best of Variety-Partridge-Bearded Silkie-Cock, Cornel Van Maren
Reserve of Variety-White-Bearded Silkie-Hen, Cornel Van Maren
Best of Variety-Blue-Non Bearded Silkie-Pullet, James Jakins
Reserve of Variety-Blue-Non Bearded Silkie-Pullet, Christina Jakins
Best of Variety-White-Non Bearded Silkie-Pullet, James Jakins
Reserve of Variety-Blue-Bearded Silkie-Hen, Christina Jakins
Jr. Champion Bantam & Jr. Reserve Show Champion & Best of Variety & Best of Breed-Blue-Bearded Silkie-Hen, Christina Jakins
Best of Variety-Partridge Non Bearded Silkie-Hen, Christina Jakins
Jr. Show Champion, Reserve of Variety & Reserve of Breed-White Call Duck-Old Duck, Cornel Van Maren

Show Champion Mottle Cochin Pullet by Joe Mazur Photo by Clayton Botkin

Reserve Show Champion Large Fowl Partridge Chantecler by Bruce Bickle Photo by Bruce Bickle

Reserve Large Fowl Australorp Cock by Classic Farm Photo by Clayton Botkin

Champion RCCL Silver Sebright Cock by Dudley DeLeenher Photo by Clayton Botkin

Champion OEG BBR Cock by Dudley DeLeenheer Photo by Clayton Botkin

Champion Bantam Welsummer Cock by Bryan Roblin

Champion AOSB Misc Ameraucana by Louisa Nicholls Photo by Clayton Botkin

Champion AOCCL Dark Cornish Hen by James Cuvelier Photo by Clayton Botkin


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