Our Mission Statement

To promote, encourage, and further the breeding and showing of purebred poultry. Additional objectives of this society include a definite emphasis on encouraging and maintaining good sportsmanship and honest dealing among the members at all times, and a requirement that members shall do their best to provide a healthy and sanitary environment for the birds under their care.

About Our Club

The Fraser Valley Poultry Fanciers Association was formed in the 1950’s by a few local breeders as a means of communicating¬† with each other. They got together to share their knowledge about breeding and exhibiting purebred poultry and waterfowl.

Our club has grown to over 100 members at times, produces a regular newsletter, annual Breeders Directory and puts on at least 2 American Poultry Association & American Bantam Association sanctioned shows a year. We place a strong emphasis on family participation. The FVPFA exchanges newsletters with several clubs and many of our members travel to distant areas to show their birds and meet other poultry enthusiasts.

We promote public interest by operating a traveling information display at shows, fairs and public events to introduce people to the hobby of keeping purebred poultry. We also work closely with different fair boards to help maintain the APA sanctioned shows for everyone and several of our members volunteer their time to work at these events.

Our Association welcomes members from novice to the experienced breeder. We encourage younger members by providing low cost memberships for them, junior classes and special awards at our shows. Many of our long time members enjoy passing on their expertise as mentors.

The FVPFA enjoys a large Junior membership and we are extremely proud of these members, their contributions and enthusiasm are a great source of inspiration to us all.

Please feel free to call any member of our executive for more information or to find out how you can join in on the fun!

FVPFA Bylaws – Approved Feb 2017

FVPFA Constitution – Approved Feb 2017